Approaching the end of Summer

It’s been a busy time at Le Petit Palais du Port over the summer. The holidays and good weather gets people out and about and the North Bellarine seems to have become a favourite wedding destination. The Bellarine has several top venues for weddings, Terindah and Jack Rabbit, and newcomers like Scotchmans Hill, The Whiskery and Bennett’s are also offering great venues for celebrating special occasions. These venues offer great locations for photos of the special couple posed in front of glorious vistas of the bay, You Yangs and vineyards. Here at Le Petit Palais, we have had lots of guests who attend weddings at the local wineries, celebrating wedding anniversaries and special birthdays.

The ferry to Docklands has really put Portarlington on the map. More and more people are becoming aware of Portarlington’s existence and discovering the appeal of the small bayside town & beaches in contrast to the busy, bigger towns on the Surfcoast. More cafes are opening…at this rate, Port’s going to be “the” place on the Bellarine to have a summer break or day trip from Melbourne.

Just before Christmas, a new business came to town…Daniel’s Donuts. What a huge success this has been! Customers are happy to queue along the pavement to get their hands on a selection of their favourite donuts and it seems like every second person in town is carrying a box of these donuts. I have even seen people taking a couple of boxes home to Melbourne on the ferry. Who would have thought the humble donut could become a personalized dessert for everyone’s tastes? Tiramisu, apple custard, Tim Tam, lamington, chocolate mousse, lemon meringue…the variety of donuts is amazing!

The little Tenterfield terriers, Ebb & Flo, are now one year old and have lots of friends, human & canine, in and around Portarlington. They do enjoy walking downtown and getting treats from local cafes, like gelato and biscotti…the girls have even tried Daniel’s Donuts. It’s a hard life being a dog here in Portarlington!

Janette and the tidal terriers, Ebb & Flo

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